Since opening Grassroots Pantry in 2012, Chef Peggy Chan has earned a reputation as a celebrated chef, a socially responsible restaurateur and a leading advocate for sustainable dining. Under Peggy’s culinary direction, Grassroots Pantry introduced diners to the farm-to-table philosophy and the restaurant emerged as Hong Kong’s leading plant-based dining destination for seven years. At the forefront of the sustainable food movement, Chef Peggy Chan wanted to elevate the original concept and offer guests a progressive, plant-driven tasting menu.

“Nectar reflects my evolution as a chef,” explains Peggy. “At Nectar, we are creating holistic, nutrient-dense, and seasonal tasting menus. Our intention is to welcome diners who are drawn to creative experimentation, functional foods and our clean-eating approach, as well as our unwavering commitment to using locally and regionally-sourced organic ingredients.”