Our core team consists of professionals with various degrees of knowledge and experiences in food service management, nutrition, and food sustainability systems.

Executive Chef Peggy

Setting an example of true leadership and advocacy, Peggy has many titles at Nectar: Founder, Managing Director, Executive Chef and Visionary. Over the years Peggy has been leading the charge for plant-based, sustainable dining. Understanding that change is constant, Peggy has demonstrated how plant-based dining can be elevated to embody culinary excellence. Striving to push creative boundaries to explore the full potential of seasonal, natural ingredients, Nectar allows Peggy to share her vision with the world.

Operations Manager Chase

Chase has been running bars and restaurants for over ten years. With a wealth of experience, he’s run dive bars, coffee shops, high-end concepts and opened almost a dozen restaurants in Hong Kong. “I’m unapologetically hospitable and demand it from others in the industry.” With an eye for detail and a heart for hospitality, he knows how to throw a good party.

Pastry Head Chef Jess

Jess tasks herself with producing pastries that are healthy and delicious. Appreciating the important connection between nutrition, taste, and flavour, Jess creatively uses ingredients to maximize flavour, reduce waste, and introduce fresh concepts to improve the dining experience at Nectar.

Community and Event Manager Joel

Joel takes on multiple roles at Nectar: Community Manager and bad joke teller. Noticing how broken the food system was, Joel wanted to be a part of the solution. As someone whose family has been operating as stewards of the land in Australia, Joel understands the importance of Nectar’s ethos and values.

Nutritionist/Head of Curriculum Tammie

As Head of Curriculums at Pollen Lab, Tammie is focused on educating consumers on healthy eating and the benefits on plant-based dishes. Tammie believes that successful kitchens have both positive energy and gender equality, evident at Pollen Lab and Nectar. An advocate for sustainable living, Tammie is focused on sharing her knowledge on nutrition to promote healthy choices.

Restaurant Manager Ashish

Stepping into Nectar, you’ll immediately be greeted by Ashish, our efficient, welcoming and personable restaurant manager. Ashish helps Nectar run smoothly ensures quality service for our guests. Outside of work, she stays true to the “zero-waste” ethos and values of Nectar to her daily routine.

Development Chef Jan

Look into the kitchen and you’ll often find Development Chef Jan cooking up a storm. Jan is constantly innovating and learning to make new dishes that she can use to help educate people about healthy eating and its benefits. A firm believer in the healing properties of food, she is committed to educating people to do better for their health. Passionate and proactive, she is always trying to explore new ways to bring biodiverse ingredients to the menu.

Sous Chef Joe Joe

He may be a man of few words, but Joe Joe our Sous Chef speaks volumes with his craftsmanship. He defines his work at Nectar in three words: passion, respect, and opportunity. He believes in the importance of retaining quality staff, and the value of teamwork. “If we do it, we do it together.”